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It was through Leah's desire for a direct communication with God that opened the doors to reveal all of her gifts as a psychic and channel for God, angels and ascended masters. Leah was Divinely Guided as she put the pieces together to illuminate the answers to her questions:

  • What is my purpose?
  • What is the solution to have peace and fulfillment?
  • How can I receive direct intuitive wisdom and guidance from God?
Leah shares her own transformational journey to reveal how the pieces of your life connect to:
  • Clarify your purpose
  • See your true value
  • Break free from barriers and limitations that hold you back
  • Step into your power with peace and fulfillment
  • Understand your soul's journey
  • Express your full potential

Leah also channels direct messages from God, Moses, Jesus, Adonai and other spiritual beings to know that you are never alone, you can do no wrong and you are divinely guided.

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What people are saying about Divinely Guided Success:

Divinely Guided Success is a wonderful example of how to awaken the true essence of your soul. Leah illuminates that no matter what challenges one faces we can rise above them as we are never alone. God is always here to support our success. I highly recommend this book.

Marla Maples, Actress, Singer/Songwriter of "The Endless", Host of "Awakening with Marla," Director of Inspirational Leaders for Globunity

Divinely Guided Success offers a thought provoking and empowering journey into how we are all connected and impact one another. Leah Levkowitz shows how we can heal and transform our lives so that we can express our full potential. You will learn and discover that you can transform anything limiting you from what you truly desire.

Dr. Joe Rubino, Creator of HighSelfEsteemAdults.com and LifeOptimizationCoaching.com

Divinely Guided Success puts the pieces together so we can see the connection to our true power. Leah shares her journey of self-discovery through personal struggles into true freedom with the lessons she receives from her spirit guides and God.

Karen Curry (Parker), Human Design Specialist and Bestselling Author


In addition to your purchase of Leah's book you will receive her TRANSFORMATIONAL VIDEO SERIES that, along with her book, will guide you to discover your purpose, give you a direct connection to one of your spirit guides and her 5-Step System to eliminate the self-sabotaging beliefs in your mind so you are free to express your true authentic self and manifest your soul's potential.

"Once you eliminate the unconscious resistance of your ego and align with your soul, you'll be free to express your full potential." – Leah Levkowitz

About the Author: Leah Levkowitz

Leah Levkowitz specializes in mentoring healers worldwide from "Breakthrough to Brilliance." Her programs free you from struggle and guide you to success, fulfilling your life purpose in your own business. Leah guides you to develop your own intuitive abilities to make a deeper and greater transformational impact and achieve financial and emotional freedom.

For Personal Support, attend a workshop or coach with Leah in one-on-one intuitively guided sessions. Learn more here: www.DivinelyGuidedSuccess.com

Enter Your Info for Instant Access to Your Bonus Gifts!

We Respect Your Privacy. Your Email Will Never Be Rented, Shared Or Sold For Any Reason